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Babylon Dance Band

Antietam  Tara Key Appearances Elsewhere


Singles and EPs

Thanks to Joel Zakem (text) and Andrew Koval (pictures) for the following info:
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The Babs first appearance on vinyl was in 1980, on a 4-band 7" on hit-a-note records entitled NEW ACCOUNTS. The Babs performed "My Friend Roger", and the other Louisville acts featured were The Untouchables, Strict 9, and Melusian.
When I'm Home In 1981, the Babs released their first solo single, "When I'm Home" b/w "Remains Of The Beat" on their own label. The picture sleeve featured a color version of the band's Village Voice cover .  When I'm Home B-side
Someday sleeve In 1990, Trash Flow Records released a 7" featuring "Someday" b/w "Rubbertown", in a picture sleeve. The version of "Someday" is the same as featured on "Four On One", but the mix might be a bit different. Both songs were co-produced by my cousin Marc, who was a founding member of the Babs, but left before any on these records came out. Someday B-side

  Angels and Strangers  

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