Accessibility 2.0 – a million flowers bloom

Incoherent notes jotted down during the day.

First up: Jeremy Keith – Open data

Intro with Domesday book and digital preservation. Digital preservation is wrapped up with open formats vs. closed.

Qualities of open vs. closed formats. Open source development – comparison with natural selection. Standardisation – compromised + standardised preferable to proprietry + perfect. However, compare ease of development in Flash vs. pain of cross-browser development in HTML/CSS.

The strength of HTML is simplicity. Simplicity brings a longer lifespan (and wide authorship – low barrier to entry?)

Don’t talk about making the web accessible – talk about keeping the web accessible.

APIs as an accessibility feature – I like this! Make your data available as RSS alongside HTML – woo! Restricted/crippled data is doomed – mentions licensing of OS maps as an example. This is oversimplified – museums have massive problems over ownership of information. Just ignore it and publish anyway? Look at how wikipedia is redistributing museum pictures regardless of permission.

Characteristics of the web – standards, simplicity, sharing.

On rights and licencing – Flickr Commons uses a new licence for orphan works – no known owner. Need to overcome fear and stop assuming the worst. Publish, then apologise if you publish something you don’t have rights to. Don’t lock everything up because of a few doubts.