Antonia Hyde – Rich media for people with learning disabilities

Learning disabilities – very much an underrepresented group in accessibility discussions. Around 1.5 million people in UK. No one size fits all solution for their problems.

Rich media very powerful offline to support people. How can it be used online? Video opens doors, makes things real for people.

People may access websites with support – second person as helping hand.

Example video showing the importance of giving the user control. Too much on the screen for him – too confusing with so much going on. Would like control over that.

Uh oh – powerpoint has died!

How can web 2.0 help? People can contribute, rather than just receiving. But they need control, ability to interact with the site at their own pace.

The more people can do for themselves, the more independence and control they have.

Ajax is powerful – don’t let it become the new pop-up window.

Shows an example of someone using for the first time. Likes the band page. Gets a bit confused about what’s what on a user profile page. Thinks it’s a really good site – not just listening to music but meeting people, making friends are important.