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£8,890.96 – the total take from yesterday’s book sale. Our highest total, ever! And this year we were actually turning donations down, since we had more books than we could handle.

Many thanks to everyone who got involved, particularly everyone who gave up their evenings and weekends over the last four weeks to get all this together.

There are many high quality books still left unsold. We’ll put those on sale later in the year. Tentative date for the second 2007 sale is 17th November.

Photos are up on Flickr.

November book sale 2006

November book sale

The November book sale is now behind us. Yay! I haven’t got the official total for the day, but it exceeded £5,000 (cf. £3,400 last year.) Many thanks to everyone who helped out, everyone who bought books and everyone who showed up at the end to take away unsold books for free. Last year we had to dispose of two tonnes of unsold books. This year, the church was picked clean by 6pm.

I’m now very tired and very hungover.

32nd annual Amnesty book sale – 17th June 2006

We’ve set a date for this year’s book sale – Saturday 17th June (the day after @media). The venue, as usual, is the Church of the Ascension on Dartmouth Row, just up the hill from Lewisham Station.

There’ll be 20,000(ish) books, as per usual, many new or nearly new and all very, very cheap. Come along and help us out by buying something to read for the summer. Last June we raised around £7,700 for Amnesty International, and a further £3,400 selling the leftovers in November.

Update: We’re now collecting, sorting and pricing books for the sale. If you have books to donate, or have some time to spare to help us sort and price books, please come along to Dartmouth Row to help out. We’re in a garage just down the hill from the Church of the Ascension. Times are:

  • Monday – Friday (not Bank Holiday Monday): 7pm to 9pm.
  • Saturday/Sunday (and Bank Holiday Monday): 2pm to 4pm.

Post-sale update: £6,814, all told! Our second highest take, I think. I’ve posted a few photos on Flickr.


So the November book sale has come and gone, and we raised £3,444. The June sale almost reached £7,800, giving us just over £11,000 for the year. Not bad for two dozen people or so, working in their spare time, over a few weeks or so, to sell books for two days.
Just goes to show what you can achieve if you really want to do something.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out. Many thanks to everyone who bought books too, or took away freebies at the end. We still had to dump two tonnes of leftover books down in Woolwich.

Now I have a big pile of secondhand/nearly-new books to get through before next June. This year’s stash includes:

  • Thomas Pynchon, VIneland (since I liked Gravity’s Rainbow)
  • Brand spanking new copy of Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment
  • Similarly new copy of Nick Webb’s biography of Douglas Adams
  • Billy Childish, My Fault
  • Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, The Buenos Aires Quintet
  • Len Deighton, Faith, Hope and Charity. (I’m curious to find out what happened to Bernard Samson after the rather downbeat ending of the previous trilogy)
  • Absolutely pristine, shiny new copy of The Secret Annexe, an anthology of war diarists

T minus 3 days and counting

Many thanks to absolutely everyone who turned out tonight to help set up the Amnesty book sale. Rachel’s garage is empty and the Church of the Ascension is full of boxes of books, ready to be emptied and set out. We still need lots of help to get the church ready by Saturday, but we’re doing well.

If you came to this site to find out more about Blackheath & Greenwich Amnesty, our November book sale is on Saturday, 19th November. We have somewhere in the region of 10,000 books to sell. If you can give any time at all to help, please consider coming along to the church tomorrow or Friday to help set up. We’ll be at the Church of the Ascension in Dartmouth Row from 7 – 9pm on Thursday and Friday night.

If you fancy picking up some decent books at low, low prices, drop by the church on Saturday and have a look at what we’ve got.