Nine while nine

Early birthday present yesterday – my first Sisters of Mercy live experience at the Astoria. They were dreadful though – so much smoke that you couldn’t see the stage at all and a sound mix that left the guitars and vocals inaudible behind the drum machine and bass. We were trying to guess the songs from the drum beats, until they got to the chorus and the audience sang along – “Anaconda? Alice? Mary had a little lamb?”, audience starts belting out “hey now, hey now now, sing this corrosion to me…”

“This is shit”, observed Jon. “Let’s get drunk.” And we did. Oh yeah.

Still, I got to sing along to Lucretia My Reflection and Alice. And I got to sing Run to the Hills, which went quite nicely with the beginning of one song. No idea what the hell Mr Eldritch was singing.

Later, we retired to the Intrepid Fox. They have a barmaid with beautiful red hair and an AC/DC t-shirt, which cheered me up no end. And I got to wear the black t-shirt with a naked lady on the back. It fits so few social occasions nowadays, and usually sits, neglected, in the wardrobe.

Update: in response to Christine’s rather snippy comment below, here’s the gig discussed on Heartland. Reviews vary between ok and dismal, but nothing to write home about. Quote of the night, which I’d forgotten, from Eldritch: "I’m sorry, I can’t hear me either." in response to chants of "Turn it up!" from the crowd.