No Blacks. No Dogs. No Irish.

I just tried to renew my passport online. I received this error message after filling out my name, which contains an apostrophe — ‘Only use A-Z, a-z, commas, hyphens & spaces. See More Help for guidance’

Am I supposed to change my name to ODonnell because some idiot can’t write software capable of dealing with Irish surnames?

I used to be eligible for an Irish passport. It’s tempting to look into that in more detail.

Slight Visual Impairment…

One of those strange, pre-migraine visual problems tonight. Generally referred to as an ‘aura’, I believe. Anyway, cue yours truly unable to see anything that’s right in front of him, staggering around the flat like a gimp. Ever tried cooking when you can only see clearly in your peripheral vision? It’s fun.

Damn, and I had been hoping to watch a film tonight too.

Still, no splitting headache, which is good. Used to get these frequently when I was a teenager. In the last year or so, the problem seems to have kicked off again. My head is not happy about something. I thought I’d note it down here when it occurs so I can maybe see how frequent they really are.