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Bourbon County

1993, Homestead CD

 a picture of the album cover Tara Key plays guitar(s) on all tracks and sings where there's singing

 Vermont Crew:Yasmin Kuhn, Wolff Knapp, St. Don, Jon Williams, Ron Ward, Tim Harris, Phil McCracken, Moon (7/4-7/5), Hot Dog Boy

 NYC Crew: Georgia Hubley, Rick Rizzo, Rick Brown, Wharton Tiers, Tim Harris, Alan Licht, Ira Kaplan, Matthew O'Bannon, Josh Madell, Robert Dennis, Sue Garner, Janet Beveridge Bean


Producer: Timothy Noel Harris
Conceived 9/92 at 7B by Key and Steven Joerg (assisted by Fish Tales)
Recorded the summer of 1993

 Vermont tracks recorded by John Williams at Vortex Studios
Assistant Engineer and Spoken Word: Ron Ward
Mixed by Williams, Harris and Key

 NYC tracks recorded by Wharton Tiers at Fun City Studio
Mixed by Tiers and Harris

Northern Star (Key, Knapp, Ward)
Knapp: Bass, Kuhn: Guitar, Ward: Drums, Percussion

 Tranquility Base (Key)
Bean: Vocals, Harris: Bass, Hubley: Drums, Key: Piano
O'Bannon: Acoustic Guitar, Rizzo: Lead Guitar 

Jack of Hearts (Key)
Garner: Vocals, Harris: Bass, Hubley: Drums 

Long Trail (Key)
Knapp: Bass, Williams: Loop 

Seraphim (Key)
Knapp: Bass, Ward: Drums 

Bender (Key, Kuhn)
Kuhn: 12-string, Williams: Slide Guitar 

V.O.B. (Key)
Harris: Bass, Vocals, Hubley: Drums, Kaplan: Guitar 

Kali (Brown, Key)
Brown: Cadence, Loops and Sequencer, Tiers: Feedback Guitar 

One Spark (Garner, Key)
Garner: Lead and Bkg. Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Key: Bkg. Vocals, Hubley: Drums

 I Found Out (Key)
Knapp: Bass, Kuhn: Vocals, Ward: Percussion, Williams: Swirl 

Turbo Dog (Dennis, Harris, Key, O'Bannon)
Dennis: Drums, Harris: Bass, O'Bannon: Guitar 

Need to Need (Harris, Key, Licht, Madell)
Harris: Bass, Licht: Guitar, Madell: Drums, Percussion 

Gypsy Village (Bean, Harris, Key, Rizzo, O'Bannon)
Bean: Drums, Harris: Bass, O'Bannon: Acoustic Guitar, Rizzo: Guitar 


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