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Ear and Echo

1995, Homestead CD

  Tara Key and the Barton Boys

 The Barton Boys are:

 Tim Harris, Tara Key, Wolf Knapp, Josh Madell and Jon Williams

Produced by Tim Harris and Jon Williams
Recorded and Mixed by Jon Williams at Vortex, East Albany, VT

 This document was recorded during the New Moon of
September (2-11) and recorded and mixed under the 
Full Moon of October (14-23) in the year of 1994.


All Lit Up (Key)
Key - Guitars, Knapp - Bass, Madell - Drums 

Burn (Key)
Key - Guitars (strummed and tossed), Knapp - Bass, Madell - Drums 

Breakin' In (Harris/Key)
Harris - Walkin' Guitar, Key - Strummin' and Pickin' Guitars, Accordian (thanks Amy & Michael McMahon for the loan), Knapp - Bass, Madell - Drums, Williams - Deep Woods Guitar 

In Absinthe (Harris/Key)
Harris - Cello, Key - Guitars, Knapp - Bass, Williams - Teardrop Slide 

Left-Handed Way (Key/Knapp/Madell)
Key - Guitars, Farfisa, Knapp - Bass, Madell - Drums and Broom Brush, Williams - Telstar, Devil Slide
(thanks Lynn Goods for the concept/conversation) 

Rhythm Jester (Harris/Key/Williams)
Harris - Acoustic Pluck, Key - Barroom Ivories, Williams - On/off Sonic Jabber (shortwave)
(Knapp was channeled) 

  Lost And Found (Key)
Key - Guitars, Williams - Foghorn
(thanks Ronnie Ward for our talk 15 min. before I did this one...) 

No Reason Now (Harris/Key)
Harris - Vibishness, Key - Guitars, Knapp - Bass, Williams - Swoop Guitar 

Up And Down (Harris/Key/Madell)
Harris - Bass, Key - Guitar (leadly), Knapp - Guitar (vox 9-string), Williams - Just Plain Unruly Solo 

Get It Straight (Key)
Key - Guitars, 6 and 9-stringed, Knapp - Bass, Williams - Farfisa, Symphonic Coloring 

No Tractor Blues (Harris/Knapp)
The Greek Chorus: Harris - Stand Up Cello (as bass), Key - Guitar, Knapp - Dobro, Yaz Kuhn - Roadster Brake Pedal and Assorted Bottles 

At #12 on your dial if you choose is a meditation device. Radio Vortex has left the air for now... thank you and goodnight 


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