Coldfusion Enterprise resources

Much of the last couple of weeks at work has been spent migrating coldfusion from a single server, standard edition on Windows 2000 to the multiple server, enterprise edition on Redhat.

The following web pages were invaluable in getting it running properly.

System boot scripts for Coldfusion MX on Linux
You’ll need these if you want to run your coldfusion servers as a user other than root. (Running a web server as root is a really, really stupid idea). Either that or you can create a special login account for your coldfusion user, then su to that account before you run the start or restart commands. For some reason, JRun spawns the coldfusion threads as whichever user you happen to be when you run the start script.
Configuring multiple instances of Coldfusion MX with Apache virtual hosts
Written for MX 6.1 but still valid for MX 7. Shows how to modify httpd.conf in order to configure your Apache virtual hosts to talk to JRun.
JRun 4: Manually configuring web server connectors
Mentions the mysterious file and goes through the steps necessary to get JRun talking to Apache

Running Coldfusion as nobody, there’s various directories and files that need to be writable by that user. All the logs, the mail directories, the cfclasses directory where coldfusion stores compiled classes, all the server config files that are modified when you make changes via the administrator. Also some files that cfform uses. To find these, I ran the server from the command line, then looked for Java IO errors in the terminal output and corrected file permissions on any files that were giving problems.