Doing that scrapyard thing

Having posted previously that all the excitement in the microformats world seems to be around publishing them, it was exciting to read that uses microformats on its registration page. Pick a service that you've previously registered for, and the magic of microformats will copy your personal details across for you. So I wandered over to try it out.

“Rather than creating yet another profile, why not start with one you already have?” Okey doke – I’m registered with and flickr, so why not give those a whirl? First, – “Add your username” says the (very swish) form. I obediently type ‘pekingspring’. “This profile does not support hCard” says the form. Doh! No worries, I’ll try my flickr username – ‘eat your greens’ This gives me the following message “I’m sorry, but an unexpected error occured: URI::InvalidURIError”. Furthermore, it's in a big red box. Not a good thing, I’m guessing. Silly me for having spaces in my username.

But wait, I forgot that I had an account. I’ll give that a whirl. “Sweet! We found it!” says the form (woo hoo!) but my personal details remain blank on the registration form (doh!). I wander off to write a blog post about my exciting microformats experience…