An animated title sequence, courtesy of Charlie Owen. Everyone should have a title sequence.

Want to get in touch with me? I’m afraid I don’t publish my e-mail address, to keep spam down. However, I’m jim and this is eatyourgreens.org.uk, which should be all the info you need in order to drop me an e-mail.

I’ve been cited on code.flickr as ‘a mysterious figure known only as “jim”‘, which is probably a hint that I should write something on this ‘about’ page. So hello, and welcome! This is the online home of Dr. Jim O’Donnell, web developer, Amnesty International activist and occasional astronomer. I write here about interesting things I’m doing for the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum web site, Amnesty campaign actions and any old rubbish that I find interesting on the web. The usual disclaimers apply – anything written here is my own personal opinion and in no way represents my employer’s point-of-view.