So the November book sale has come and gone, and we raised £3,444. The June sale almost reached £7,800, giving us just over £11,000 for the year. Not bad for two dozen people or so, working in their spare time, over a few weeks or so, to sell books for two days.
Just goes to show what you can achieve if you really want to do something.

Many thanks to everyone who helped out. Many thanks to everyone who bought books too, or took away freebies at the end. We still had to dump two tonnes of leftover books down in Woolwich.

Now I have a big pile of secondhand/nearly-new books to get through before next June. This year’s stash includes:

  • Thomas Pynchon, VIneland (since I liked Gravity’s Rainbow)
  • Brand spanking new copy of Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment
  • Similarly new copy of Nick Webb’s biography of Douglas Adams
  • Billy Childish, My Fault
  • Manuel Vázquez Montalbán, The Buenos Aires Quintet
  • Len Deighton, Faith, Hope and Charity. (I’m curious to find out what happened to Bernard Samson after the rather downbeat ending of the previous trilogy)
  • Absolutely pristine, shiny new copy of The Secret Annexe, an anthology of war diarists